Weekly Crypto Roundup: From Ledger Controversy to Bitcoin Ordinals

Weekly Crypto Roundup: From Ledger Controversy to Bitcoin Ordinals

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Welcome to your weekly dose of crypto insights! In this edition, we'll explore the latest happenings in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. From the ongoing Ledger controversy to the intriguing Bitcoin Ordinals event, we have plenty to cover. So, let's dive right in!

Market Update

Sideways Trading and the Calm Before the Storm

The crypto prices have remained relatively stagnant, displaying a classic case of sideways trading. We haven't witnessed any significant movements in either direction. It seems like the calm before a potential storm, leaving investors eager for the market to make its next move.

Ledger Drama: A Controversial Service

Ledger Recover: A Closer Look

Ledger, a renowned hardware wallet provider, recently launched a new service called Ledger Recover. This service aims to back up users' seed phrases, requiring identity verification through a passport or national ID card. The seed phrase is then split into three encrypted fragments and stored by Ledger, Coincover, and a third-party provider. While Ledger assures users of its safety, controversy, and debate have surrounded this new offering due to Ledger's past data leak incident. Concerns regarding potential security risks, particularly to identity theft, have been raised. However, Ledger maintains that additional security measures make it highly unlikely for a stolen ID alone to be sufficient for seed phrase recovery.

Bitcoin Miami and Ordinals Event

A Gathering of Innovators

The two private events, Bitcoin Miami and Ordinals, brought together leading builders, developers, projects, collections, and investors who are building the future of Bitcoin digital artifacts. The Ordinals Hackathon, a competition that encouraged developers to use the Ordinals protocol to create creative apps, was the event's highlight . Attendees could also browse a digital Ordinals gallery highlighting the most recent collections and applications in this fast-growing topic.

Biden targets crypto investors in budget proposal amid the looming financial crisis


President Biden aims at wealthy crypto investors, suggesting tax loophole closures and crypto-related tax policy changes in his budget proposal. As the United States faces a potential cash crunch by June 1, the president is seeking a bipartisan deal to avoid a catastrophic default. The budget also includes a proposed 30% tax on energy used in crypto-mining operations.

US Government Owns Over 50,000 BTC Seized on Silk Road

The US government has acquired over 50,000 BTC seized on Silk Road, joining major Bitcoin holders. Market impact and intentions are unclear. Traders are watching government actions, while startups are looking for opportunities to facilitate government bitcoin sales.

UK Treasury Committee Urges Treating Retail Crypto Trading Like Gambling, Calls For Regulation

A new report from the UK House of Commons Treasury Committee recommends categorizing crypto retail as gambling rather than investment, arguing for government regulation. The report aligns with government plans to regulate crypto-asset activities, despite concerns raised by mainstream finance lobbyists.

Binance Market Share Drops 15%, But Exchange Welcomes Competition

Binance, the largest cash crypto exchange in the world, saw a significant 15% decline in market share. Despite this, the exchange welcomes the competition, believing that it is beneficial to the industry.

Rain is the first MENA cryptocurrency asset platform that includes the Lightning Network.

Rain, the region's first Bitcoin asset marketplace, has taken a game-changing move by incorporating the Lightning Network. Rain users can now perform trades in real-time while benefiting from lower fees thanks to Lightspark's smart infrastructure. This development elevates Rain to the forefront of the Middle East and North Africa's developing crypto ecosystem.
US Debt Ceiling Deal: Awaiting Resolution

Will There Be a Deal?

The pressing question on everyone's mind is whether a US debt ceiling deal will be reached this week. Congress has been engaged in negotiations to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a potentially disastrous default. However, the resolution remains uncertain. President Biden's desire to negotiate a deal has been evident, although his curious remarks about the crypto community, referring to us as being in a vault, have raised eyebrows.

FOMC Meeting Minutes: Insights Awaited

Release of the Latest Meeting Minutes

On Wednesday, the 24th, the FOMC meeting minutes are set to be released. These minutes provide insights into the Federal Reserve's recent meeting, during which policymakers raised interest rates by 25 basis points. While it's unlikely that further interest rate hikes will be announced at this time, the minutes will offer valuable information for investors and analysts alike.

Company News and Developments

Cake's Special BUSD Vaults

Last week, Cake, a prominent player in the crypto space, launched special BUSD vaults, introducing new opportunities for users to optimize their investments. This development has been eagerly anticipated by the community, and the initial response has been positive.

ETH Unstaking: Launch Imminent

In the final stages of testing is ETH Unstaking, a feature that allows users to unstake their Ethereum holdings. With the launch just around the corner, the crypto community is eagerly awaiting this addition, as it provides greater flexibility and accessibility for Ethereum investors.

Floppynet on DeFiChain: The Future of DeFi

Floppynet, the latest addition to the DeFiChain ecosystem, has been launched, garnering attention from various projects within the crypto space. Many projects are already conducting tests on Floppynet, exploring its potential and the opportunities it presents within the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. As the platform gains traction and more projects come on board, we can expect to see innovative use cases and exciting developments in the world of DeFi.


In this week's crypto roundup, we explored a range of topics and events shaping the cryptocurrency industry. From the ongoing Ledger controversy and the introduction of Ledger Recover to the Bitcoin Miami and Ordinals event, there were plenty of highlights to discuss. The uncertainty surrounding the US debt ceiling deal and the upcoming release of the FOMC meeting minutes added to the intrigue in the market. Additionally, we touched upon company news, such as Cake's BUSD vaults and the impending launch of ETH Unstaking, which contribute to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments.

As the crypto industry continues to mature and expand, it's essential to stay informed and keep up with the latest developments. The ever-changing nature of the market requires investors and enthusiasts to remain vigilant and adaptable. With each passing week, we witness new opportunities and challenges that shape the future of cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we navigate the exciting world of crypto. Happy investing!

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